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The JAGCO UNI-FLEX® COUPLER is made of stainless steel flexible corrugated tubing inside (T321ss). Stainless steel braid (T304ss) covers the outside as a guard for the center core. The 2 inch long expandable necks are 14 gauge aluminized steel.

The JAGCO UNI-FLEX® COUPLER is designed to be installed in a straight line with no twist or bends and gives you 1/4 inch of flex from the center line to absorb movement and vibrations that can cause hanger and pipes to crack and break. The inside dimensions of the UNI-FLEX® joint must be the same or larger as the exhaust pipe. If not, it constricts the flow and can cause whistling and /or burn out, and voids the "One Year Warranty."

Each JAGCO UNI-FLEX® COUPLER is hand welded using the stainless steel heli-arc method and pressure tested under water at our production facility. Our units are designed to be clamped on or welded on, giving you the versatility any shop needs.

All "N" items are an instock item for immediate shipment. All W/S items are special order items and take from seven days to two weeks to get. W/S items have a minimum order of 100 units. The reason for this is, we have to shut down and reset our production line to make the weld stub units. All nipple units can be converted to weld stubs, simply by cutting off the nipple to the desired length you need.

We can fabricate to your specifications a size and length to fit almost any need you might have.

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