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The JAGCO UNI-FLEX® COUPLER is guaranteed against defects for one year from the date of pruchase.

EXCEPTIONS to the warranty. The warranty is void when the UNI-FLEX® is installed improperly.

    1. By using a smaller UNI-FLEX® COUPLER ID than is on the pipe that it is joined to. This constricts the exhaust flow.
    2. By installing the UNI-FLEX® COUPLER in a bent position. The UNI-FLEX® COUPLER must be installed in line.
    3. By the adjoining pipe extending inside the coupler beyond the 2 inch neck overlap allowance, or placed inside of the weld stub models.
    4. Over expansion. The weld stub model must not be expanded. the model with the 2 inch neck must not be expanded more than the OD to achieve the ID, (example; 1-3/4 ID to fit over 1-3/4 OD pipe.)
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